Hilti AG

Hilti AG
Feldkircherstr. 100
9494 Schaan

Über das Unternehmen


We help our customers build more efficiently and safely, providing a better future for construction businesses, building occupants and the wider community.  

We want to build a company where every team member is valued, grows and does well in their career. Our culture is the foundation that has made this possible for almost two decades. 

We want to build open, trusted and successful relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. Everything we do across our business is focused on strengthening these relationships, in whatever job area you work.  

We are committed to taking responsibility for society and the environment tangibly – whether that’s helping build affordable housing or traveling to provide disaster relief in person. Take a look at our social responsibility efforts to learn more about how our team members can get involved. 

And we want to continue to build on our success with more cutting-edge technologies to empower our customers to create safer and more remarkable buildings. We have an outstanding reputation for innovation and an industry-leading commitment to research and development

Art des Unternehmens: 
über 1000 Mitarbeiter
Andere / Nicht klassifiziert
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Ingenieurwesen, Qualitätsmanagement / Testverfahren, Einkauf / Beschaffung, Forschung / Entwicklung / Konstruktion, Marketing / Produktmanagement, Logistik / Materialwirtschaft
Gesuchte Fachbereiche: 
Bauingenieur, Elektrotechnik / Elektronik, Internationale Wirtschaft, Logistik, Marketing / Sales, Maschinenbau, Produktionstechnik, Informatik / IT, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen



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Feldkircherstr. 100
9494 Schaan