Viessmann Group

Viessmann Group
Viessmannstraße 1
35108 Allendorf (Eder)

Über das Unternehmen

With more than 13,000 employees in 74 countries and a turnover of over 3.4 billion Euros, Viessmann is a leading manufacturer of climate and energy solutions. With our energy-efficient product and system offerings, we are solving one of the most important challenges of our time: the sustainable use of energy. And Viessmann leads by example:  We have reduced our CO₂ intensity by 70% since 2005 at our headquarters in Allendorf and doubled our energy productivity at the same  time. How do we accomplish all of this? Together with our employees,  partners, and customers.  

We depend on every voice to nurture our spirit of innovation. And we thrive on our teams‘ unshakeable commitment to working together towards our shared goal: create living spaces for generations to come.

Art des Unternehmens: 
über 1000 Mitarbeiter
Energie und Betriebsstoffe
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Consulting, Design / Gestaltung, Facility Management, Finanz- / Bankwesen, HR / Personalwesen, Ingenieurwesen, IT / Telekommunikation, Logistik / Materialwirtschaft, Marketing / Produktmanagement, Projektmanagement, Strategie / Unternehmensentwicklung, Technik / Produktion, Vertrieb / Verkauf
Gesuchte Fachbereiche: 
Informatik / IT, Kulturwissenschaften, Maschinenbau, Physik / Astronomie, Psychologie / Philosophie, Sprachstudien, Umwelt / Agrarwirtschaft, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Wirtschaftswissenschaften



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Viessmannstraße 1
35108 Allendorf (Eder)