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Software Developer / IT Consultant (m/f/d)

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Software Developer / IT Consultant (m/f/d)

■ are constantly looking to learn and have an interest
in technical topics

■ are quick to understand and have an analytical

■ enjoy solving complex customer problems as part
of a team

■ have a very good first or higher degree in a techni-
cal subject (computer science, physics, mathema-
tics, etc.)

■ possess basic IT knowledge and coding experience


■ Analysis of customer requirements, development and optimization of large and complex software systems with
high personal responsibility

■ Implementation of automation processes and cloud infrastructure

■ Consulting on and implementation of automated test environments

■ Introduction of agile processes

■ Optionally, there are numerous opportunities to get involved within TNG

Your Role:

Our offer:

Apply online or via work@tngtech.com.
We are looking forward to getting to know you.

■ A demanding, academic environment

■ An open-minded and team-oriented culture charac-
terized by strong team spirit and flat hierarchies

■ Continuous education within our internal techdays (up
to 10% of the working time) as well as external
trainings and conferences

■ Attractive work-life balance with flexible working hours,
paid overtime, 30 days of paid holiday, and little to no
travelling expected

■ A continuous supply of drinks, snacks, ice cream and
regular barbecues with everything from steaks to vegan

Software Developer / IT Consultant (m/f/d)

As a partnership-based IT consultancy, we work in a customer-oriented manner on a variety of projects in the areas
of Agile Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps & Cloud. In addition, we work on topics in Big Data
and IoT. We mostly use Java and TypeScript, but also other programming languages, such as Python or C#.
Our clients include large corporations as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups from a wide variety of
industries, including e.g. telecommunications, security technology, insurance, fintech, and automotive.

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

TNG in numbers
■ Revenue 2022: 95.8 Mio. €
■ Current # of employees: ~ 800
■ Growth rate: ~ 20%
■ Graduates ratio: > 99%
■ Ph.D. ratio: ~ 55%
■ 5 x "Bayerns Best 50"

■ Headquarters: Unterfoehring
■ National: Munich, Karlsruhe,

■ International: Hungary,

Australia, Estonia, UK
■ Remote work possible

Contact Details
Tel.: +49 89 2158 9966
E-Mail: work@tngtech.com
Web: www.tngtech.com

Software Developer / IT Consultant (m/f/d)

Melbourne Victoria
Doktorat / PhD

Veröffentlicht am 18.03.2024

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